Star Citizen will let players open their own kiosks


Have you ever been to the shopping mall and been completely jealous that these good-looking strangers get to sell weird wares from kiosks while you have to sip Orange Julius like a chump? Well this will not be the case in Star Citizen, as the team is working on allowing players to open and run their own public kiosks to sell goods.

This news was but a teeny, tiny part of RSI’s enormous monthly report. In it, the company jumps around to its various teams and reports on the progress of all manner of projects, including getting ready for Alpha 3.0, the 2.6 build, and item system 2.0.

If you need more Star Citizen goodness — and who doesn’t? — there’s a new episode of Around the Verse waiting for you after the break that checks in with the LA Studio team and the development of the Drake Caterpillar.

Source: Star Citizen

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