Star Citizen dataminer uncovers a huge city in the game’s files

Now if you can have meaningful interactions with everything herein, that would be something.

It would be pretty disappointing if you could land on all sorts of planets in Star Citizen without ever uncovering more than abandoned sheds and arid landscapes, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. A dataminer poked through the files of the game and discovered a massive city labeled as Terra Prime v2. And it’s a big one, too; you can view the whole thing online, although the map has had its quality reduced significantly to work online, although it’ll still serve as a major memory hog.

What purpose the city will ultimately serve is a mystery, as it could be anything from an early concept that has since been discarded to a first glimpse at a major hub for the game. For now, you can just enjoy viewing the city’s multi-island structure and speculating.

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