Project Gorgon revamps armor bonuses and food perks

doge, wow

“I’m hip-deep in changes to all kinds of systems,” says Project Gorgon’s Eric Heimburg in a blog post this week, “and still trying different things out.” And he means it! Of note, power management is going through a heavy balancing phase as armor bonuses are being adjusted and armor types will more dramatically affect how much power you can regenerate in combat, which in turn should allow cloth wearers more power to use high-power skills more often.

Heimburg is also focusing on food in the indie sandbox. “I’ve come to feel that the ‘food issue’ needs to be addressed now rather than later,” he admits. “If food is going to be an important part of every player’s game experience, now is a great time to make that happen, since I’m looking for places to give players more Power! But just making food ‘work better’ isn’t enough, because players won’t know to use it.” Consequently, the Gourmand skill is due for tweaks to make it more useful and make meals and snacks themselves more necessary and obvious. A food slot akin to EverQuest II’s might be one solution, he says.

Testers should further expect future adjustments to gear swapping, legacy effects, the possible resurrection of the Dark Geology skill, and Necros and pets in general.


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