WildStar is bringing lockboxes to raids

The joke here is that the dungeons for this game were miserable slogs.

If you’ve played WildStar and lamented the fact that there just aren’t enough places to get lockboxes in the game right now, you’ll be happy to know that raids will soon be providing players with lockboxes. Each boss in the Genetic Archives and the Datascape has a chance to drop one of the boxes, with the box distributed however your raid group likes; these boxes can be auctioned or traded freely until opened.

Raid lockboxes will contain class set gear corresponding to the raid in which the lockbox dropped, along with foci and and cosmetic items. As with other lockboxes, you need a key to open them, which can be purchased via Omnibits or Protobucks (or obtained for free once per week if you’re a subscriber). Meanwhile, if you were hoping for fewer lockboxes in the game… well, you didn’t get your wish, let’s leave it at that.

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