Mars survival sandbox ROKH delays early access to January 2017


Fans of Mars-themed survival sandbox ROKH, I have good news and slightly bad news.

Developer Darewise originally pitched a $114,803 US Kickstarter campaign back in May to hasten production of the game but canceled it with just over 20% pulled in by early June. At the time, Darewise said its campaign “lacked visibility” but that it was still on track for a September early access release on Steam.

But that date has now been pushed back. In a newsletter sent to followers today, the studio said it’s postponing early access to January 2017 “to ensure that the game delivers on the initial vision of the experience, universe and gameplay.”

ROKH is our first project and we do not lack of ambition,” write the devs. “The game systems are so deep and connected that we want to take the time needed to ensure the entire experience and mechanics work as intended. It was not an easy decision but we believe it’s the best one for the game as well as the players.”

The good news is that Darewise says its work since the Kickstarter has resulted in

“a leap forward in the development of our main gameplay pillars: deep building crafting, scanning, harvesting, combat… We’ve also fine-tuned our greatest achievement on ROKH, especially since the arrival of Viktor Antonov in our team: our Mars’ map, environment & ambiance.”

It’s also resulted in an official gameplay trailer, which we’ve included below.

I will be very disappointed if there are no jokes about how we’ll get to Mars in ROKH before we get to Mars in real life down in the comments.

Source: Official site, newsletter

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