RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy open beta begins October 13; Trion shows off Ashenfell

Too hot.

Update! Trion has just announced that Starfall Prophecy’s open beta will begin in just a week on October 13th!

[AL:Rift]Looking for a vacation spot for your antics in RIFT: Starfall Prophecy? Why not visit sunny Ashenfell? We’re assured that there is quite a lot of sun there, although it’s obscured by the choking ash of a volcanic detonations. It’s a warm place (because of all the lava) filled with beaches (on the shores of lava) and delightfully antiquated buildings (abandoned because they were covered in lava), and you’ll enjoy conversing with the natives (dragons imprisoned in lava). What better spot exists for a vacation?

Of course, if you want your vacation to include a bit of questing, you’ll find hordes of Flaming Squirrels (don’t worry, that’s just a name) and Nightmares (also just a name indicating what sort of opponent it is) as you head toward the domain of Duke Arcarax. From there, you’ll meet all manner of interesting inhabitants, many of whom will be too busy fighting one another to even notice you! And at the end of the day, you can retire to the resort at Thedeor’s Spear, the one place in the entire region where life can grow and where several souls gather to assist the dangerous expeditions into the realm. Can you think of a more restful vacation?

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