Star Citizen’s CitizenCon kicks off today

No top guns here.

Star Citizens are focused on exactly one thing this weekend. (Well, two if you’re in Florida, in which case you’re probably fleeing for your life, and godspeed.) I’m talking about CitizenCon, which kicks off today at 3 p.m. EDT. Everyone can watch the whole shebang streamed live on Twitch from 3 p.m. EDT to 9 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s presentation is the big finale the Avalon Hollywood in LA:

“Hosted by Chris Roberts, watch as we showcase what we’ve been working on since last year’s event, and take a look ahead at continuing work on both Squadron 42 and the Procedural Planets system slated to come online in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.”

In other Star Citizen news, Chris Roberts recently gave an interview to Gear Patrol about the game’s development. There’s not much new in there for anyone following the game closely, but there are some great quotes — for instance, he’s asked what he’d say to skeptics who “believe Star Citizen is simply too ambitious to be realized.”

“I’m building the game that I wanted to build,” he replies. “There’s been a vast amount of long hours and assets just to get it here, and there’s still going to be a lot more long hours and assets to get it online. But I’m building it because it’s something that I want to play. I have no doubt in every fiber of my being that we will deliver the game that I see in my head and the game that I think will be really great, and I think my team is like-minded. In any endeavor, there’s always people who say, ‘It’s too ambitious. You won’t make it.’ But there’s a Chinese proverb: Those who think it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it. I very much ascribe to that.”

In lighter news, don’t forget to work on this important quest while you watch.

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Source: Gear Patrol, Reddit, CitizenCon. Cheers, Viking!

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