Age of Wulin introduces two new factions in tomorrow’s Ancient Secrets update


Age of WulinAge of Wushu over here in the US — is due for a big update tomorrow, one Snail and Webzen are calling an expansion outright. Dubbed Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets, it will “implement two new factions that will allow players to uncover the ancient secrets of the Jianghu” and include “a new unlocking quest for the whole server which will allow the players access to the content.” Factions aren’t just about picking a side in AoW; they actually grant new skills to the player who sticks with them.

“The first new faction, the Ancient Tomb Sect, complements the existing Wudang school. The faction allows players to discover the depth of the Wudang philosophy and learn new skill sets, such as the Heaven Sword Script. It will also grant them access to their very first Dual Lightness Skills, where jumping and dashing in the air will now be possible with a friend. The second faction is the Blood Sabre Clan. Linked to the Royal Guards, it will feature a new martial art where blood will be a source of power. The Coffin, a new item that collects the blood necessary for using the skills, will be given to players joining this faction. New gameplay surrounding the Coffin will make the already numerous possibilities of Age of Wulin even more impressive.”

Check out the new screenshots below!

Source: Press release, official site
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