TERA talks up two brand-new dungeons for next week’s update

We have to imagine that if you’re a TERA player, you are quite giddy with the prospect of the game’s Spellbound update hitting the live servers next week. This large, free content update will stock the MMO’s larders with plenty to do, including enjoying the “reloaded” Sorcerer and the return of two classic dungeons.

But what about some new content? Yesterday, the team highlighted a pair of thematically linked dungeons that will also come to the game with Spellbound. Lilith’s Keep is the home base for the titular vampire, and players will be racing to stop her from awakening an ancient god who is no good news for the world.

Following that (although players can tackle these dungeons in either order) there’s the Ruinous Manor. Lilith’s plans continue to unfurl even after she’s been defeated, and evil takes roots in the ruins of her former castle.

Spellbound is scheduled to go live on October 25th.

Source: TERA
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