ArcheAge is rolling out a massive 3.0 ‘Revelation’ update in December

Trion Senior Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai announced today that ArcheAge: Revelation, aka ArcheAge 3.0, will roll out to the western servers on December 10th. Revelation (yeah, that’s gonna be confusing) introduces the Dwarven and Warborn races, new explorable zones, new residental housing zones with support for crafting trade packs, new NPC community centers, endgame abyssal skills, a skill balancing pass, a loyalty store update, and tons of tweaks for the reforging and anchoring emblem systems. It’s kind of a lot is what we’re saying.

Khrolan also promises more quality and consistence for festival events. There are no plans to merge regional legacy servers as Trion prefers to rely on the character transfer service. “While I can’t say that we’ll never merge again, I can say that we’ll only do it if we absolutely have to,” Khrolan writes. There are, however, changes in the works for fresh start servers that should make them even better for rolling on: They’ll require truly new accounts, they’ll see adjusted cash shop offerings, they’ll see proper faction balance, and they’ll be monitored for progression phases.

“We also learned a lot last year with respect to the timeline at which Fresh Start servers ultimately become integrated with Legacy servers. Over the first months, some Marketplace items will be slowly returned and progress-driven world events are reactivated. Between months 6-9 Fresh Start servers join Legacy auction house clusters and finally allow character transfers. We plan to closely monitor this progress on a server-by-server basis but this is timeline we’re expecting.”

The producer’s letter is lengthy and very much worth a read if you’re following ArcheAge closely.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Kinya.
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