Shroud of the Avatar explains its skill decay death penalty

Beware, beware, beware.

These days, most MMO players don’t think about death penalties as much more than a time and/or small repair cost for gear. When it comes to Shroud of the Avatar, however, players will lose skill points on death in a new system called decay.

The devs explained the penalty in detail in this week’s newsletter: “”Why have decay? There are several reasons to have decay. First, death should not feel trivial, even for an Avatar. Second, when we decided to switch to a use-based skill system, we had to make some decisions on how to limit players […] We had to have someway to limit players progress so everyone doesn’t end up with 150 skills at GM.”

And if these screenshots of reworked areas are to be believed, Shroud of the Avatar is turning into quite the eye-catching game. What do you think?

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