Crowfall shows off the ins and outs of crafting


Like peanut butter and chocolate, PvP and crafting seem to be two flavors that go very well together. Crowfall thinks so, at least, which is why the team is pouring a lot of effort into creating a robust and involving system with the help of legendary game designer Raph Koster.

In a new demo video, Lead Designer Thomas Blair takes players through a tour of how Crowfall’s harvesting and crafting mechanics work. While Blair uses a special test area that won’t be available to players in the live game, you can still get the gist of how all of this will work in Crowfall’s campaign worlds and eternal kingdoms.

Will Crowfall’s crafting suck you in? Is this everything an MMO gathering and crafting system should be? The 43-minute tour awaits you after the break!

Source: YouTube

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