Twilight Spirits unites the east and the west with a dose of bullet-time


Here’s a new title that came across our desk this morning and might warrant some of your attention. Twilight Spirits is an action-packed Chinese MMO that’s being developed by Revelation Online developer NetEase, sporting “cinematic-like” visuals and over-the-top combat.

The game boasts classes like the Gunslinger and the Assassin, and seeks to fuse both eastern and western MMO design philosophies. Expect lots of PvP (guild battles were just added in with the most recent build) and anime-styled cutscenes. Twilight Spirits uses a non-targeted combat system and bullet-time slowdowns, so action combat fans should be pleased.

Twilight Spirits went into its second closed beta test in China on November 4th. You can check out a few trailers after the break to get a better feel for this flashy and possibly fun MMO.

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