Star Wars Galaxies players can ‘come home’ to a new NGE emulator

A long time ago, in a galaxy... oh, you know.

The underground rebels of the Star Wars Galaxies community continue to fight to keep the MMO alive any way that they can. One group called Stella Bellum is doing its part by opening up a new emu server and inviting former SWG players to “come home” to their favorite playground.

The Stella Bellum emulator project is going live on December 16th and is focused on bringing back the NGE (New Game Enhancements) version of the game that was running before SOE shut it down a half-decade ago.

“We are a group of currently eight developers, some of us have worked on various NGE projects in the past, and we like to bring back Star Wars Galaxies for the players, as it was in the final days before shutdown,” the team posted on the forums. “Since many NGE projects the developers had their teams fall apart, ours decided to work in secret to finish the job. All trustworthy developers willing to work as a team were recruited and some have been working on the code for almost two years.”

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