Multiplayer space game Dreadnought is coming to the PS4

Dreadnought publisher Greybox announced today that the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 — the only console it’ll launch on. What’s Dreadnought? It’s a “multiplayer space action” game we first covered last May, when launched into closed beta for PC, where it lingers today. Registrations for the 2017 beta for the console open today.

“On console, the game retains all its depth with over fifty playable vessels to arms, modules and customizable styles,” says studio Six Foot, one of four studios attached to the game. “The battles of these technological monsters evolve based on the choices of the players, who benefit from five different classes and their specific strengths: speed, armor, long-distance bombing or tactical support give the space battles unparalleled strategic verve for a game competitive multiplayer.”

MOP’s MJ Guthrie dipped her toe into that very closed beta; we’ve included her footage below along with the brand-new trailer.

Source: Press release, PS4 splash
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