El Somni Quas is still in development — and here’s the proof


Back in October, MOP posted a rundown of upcoming indie MMOs. Among those listed was El Somni Quas, an Ultima Online-like game that looked as though it had died in development. Well good news, then, as the developers reached out to say that they are not ready to go on the cart just yet: El Somni Quas is very much alive and progressing forward in its construction.

Most of the game’s updates and information is being posted to Facebook these days, with concepts, screenshots, and videos of new locales going up. “Resting is for weak,” the team said back in November. “We are still working.”

Some of the projects that the devs have been working on lately include Vespum (a Roman coliseum-like gladiator pit), Sparrow Port, and the Rangers Guild. Check out the screenshots and video below for all the proof that this MMO isn’t vaporware just yet!

Source: Facebook
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