Twitch adds AutoMod system to stop nasty comments before they post

Of course, the really ideal situation would be if some people could find a different hobby.

Streaming stuff can be pretty darn cool. We’re fond of our own streams, just by way of example. But no one likes having stream chat either be a collection of profanity that no one can wade through, nor does anyone like having to spend so much time trying to moderate chat that you barely get half a step in before losing an hour to moderation. Thus, the new AutoMod tool makes life that much easier for moderators and prevents nastiness from seeping into the chat.

Streamers can configure the AutoMod to several different levels; once in place, the system will flag certain comments as offensive ahead of time and require moderator approval before they go through. That means that if you love going into Twitch streams and saying the most offensively immature things you can think of, no one is going to see them but you and a thoroughly unimpressed moderator. And you can look forward to a nigh-inevitable ban, too.

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