Mortal Online revamps all of its racial textures

Well... yes, that does look strictly better.

Rebuilding a game’s models is hard and somewhat grueling work. Luckily, you can get some of the same impact at times by just providing better textures for those models. Mortal Online‘s most recent patch has revamped racial textures across the board; you can see the old texture on the left in the header image, while the new one is on the right. Every race should look just a bit better now, and all without touching the underlying models.

The game is also running its usual holiday event, with the Krampus wandering around rather than anyone in a red suit with a white beard. If you’re inclined to go visit and pick up some presents while the event is running, now would be the time. And hey, you’ll look better than you did last year when the holidays rolled around; steady progress, there.