Dark and Light’s early access has been delayed into 2017


Since it’s already December 19th, you probably already figured that the Dark and Light resurrection wasn’t going to make that original “late 2016” target after missing fall and November too, so today’s news won’t be a surprise: Snail Games has announced a 2017 launch for the game, though the details are still scarce. Early access is now expected in 2017, “with the full version launching around Q4 2017,” so a January early access on the brand-new Steam page is likely.

“The majority of the content in the Early Access version is finalized, and players will be able to explore most of the Dark and Light world without limitations. Dark and Light’s Early Access experience will be an authentic representation of the game in its final form, but we will be providing updates every 1-2 months during the Early Access period to improve upon, refine, and expand the game as it exists now.”

The sandbox was originally launched in the mid-aughts but was sold off to Snail in the midst of lawsuits floating around the original. Snail announced its plans to revivify the game back in August, promising a buy-to-play, subscription-free business model. The new trailer is tucked down below.


Source: Official site, Steam. Cheers, George!
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