Aion’s 5.3 update boasts a 384-man PvE instanced battleground

Of course, to be fair, I've never known anything about Aion.
Aion announced this week that it’s preparing for the 5.3 patch to head to the North American servers. The update will add an “illustrated monster book” with unlocks as you defeat monsters, new prime equipment via a new medal rank, a new item called Estima that’ll help you expand your essence pool, and the Arena of Tenacity, a faction-based, single-elim tourney. But the headliner for 5.3 is the massive new battleground dungeon instance — and we are not kidding when we say massive.

“With the Aetheric Field weakening following Iluma and Norsvold’s release from stasis, Ereshkigal’s forces have seized the opportunity to further expand her influence. For the first time in living memory, Dredgions have directly assaulted Pandaemonium and Sanctum. In this 384 member PVE instance, Archdaevas must defeat Ereshkigal’s invading forces and save their home.”

When are we getting it? “Soon,” of course!

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