Blizzard will integrate EU English realm with EU Spanish realm group queues next week

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Earlier this week, Blizzard told EU players that it will essentially be integrating World of Warcraft’s English-speaking EU grouping queues with Spanish realm queues. Community Manager Aerythlea explained to players that Spanish realm queues for Ashran in particular since the launch of Legion are excessively long.

“After considering our options, we feel that adding Spanish realms to the English queues for group content is the most appropriate fix,” she writes. “Not only should this get players into Ashran faster, it’ll also help with another minor but unpleasant problem — long queue times when using the Dungeon or Raid Finder tools. […] After maintenance on February 1, when a character from a Spanish realm queues for PVE (dungeons and raids) or PVP (battlegrounds, including Ashran) content using the Group Finder tool, they might be teamed up with players from both Spanish and English realms.”

This won’t be the first time Blizzard’s opted for this type of solution; Russian realms queues are already combined with EU queues. Though Blizzard requested feedback, there are only a few pages of complaints so far, most of them concerned about communication with players who don’t speak a common language.

Source: Official EU forums. Cheers, Joel.
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