World of Warcraft helps you get your pilot’s license for Legion


Remember how a while back Blizzard told fans that it was looking at¬†eliminating flying from all World of Warcraft expansions going forward? Yeah, so that went down as one of the more bone-headed statements the studio ever said and then quickly reversed. It’s hard to ignore the irony that here we are, less than two years later, and the studio is now¬†giving us tips on how we can gain flight clearance in Legion.

While players won’t be able to regain their ability to fly until Patch 7.2, they can complete one of the two necessary achievements for eventual takeoff. The achievement, Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 1, is made up of four sub-achievements, each which requires a significant amount of work (but fortunately, most of that work is covered naturally in the process of going through the expansion).

If you’re confused about what you need to do or where to go, check out this guide (or simply read the Wowhead guide instead, since that’s been out for a while now and Blizzard keeps linking to it anyway).


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