Crowfall’s ‘development velocity to increase’

Let's get templarious. Assume that's a word.

Now that it has the foundations of its systems in place, Crowfall has a lot more stuff to add into the game in a relatively short order. You can see that in the game’s most recent update for testers, which is promising a whole lot coming to testing this month, including the Templar archetype and a new revision of the Knight’s abilities. (The Knight was the first archetype that was put in a playable state, so it was overdue for a rework.)

Testers can also look forward to having some player housing in the game to look through, with the game’s housing sale slightly extended for those who’d rather see what they’re getting before they purchase. The first pass of Eternal Kingdoms mechanics isĀ also coming, although that testing will be rolled out slowly and in phases for the earliest testers before expanding to more general testing. Still, it’s a lot of diverse mechanics and additions all planned for February; there should be something in there to excite any Crowfall fans in the audience.

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