Neverwinter’s Spellplague Caverns gets a tune-up

Do you like it when a developer goes back into a familiar dungeon to retune it? There’s a case for familiarity and a case for progress to be made, but we imagine that players who have run an instance a few dozen times wouldn’t mind seeing some improvements and new wall decorations.

Cryptic is putting the final touches on a master-level version of Neverwinter’s Spellplague Caverns, and in a new dev blog, the team talks about how it’s revamping the dungeon from its lighting to special effects to its final surprising encounter. It’s a lot of behind-the-scenes talk with plenty of technical jargon, but if you’re curious how instances are put together from an art team’s perspective, it’s well worth reading.

The devs said that the last boss fight will have team members seeing different things as they fight Nostura: “In order to damage her and bring her back to the material plane, some of the players would have to follow her across the barrier between planes and fight her in the Feywild. We wanted players to still be able to see the ghostly outlines of their companions on another plane, so what we really needed was the ability to have some players see the Feywild, while others see the Material Plane, while in ‘reality’ everyone is standing on the same pillar of invisible collision.”

“Pillar of Invisible Collision” would be such a great hair metal band name, by the way.

Source: Neverwinter

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Wasn’t “Pillar of Invisible Collision” a collection of King Crimson rarities?

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Is this a jojoke?

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I see what you did there…