Shroud of the Avatar’s Kobolds are high-tech marvels


Kobolds don’t have the best reputation¬†in most RPGs, usually taking the role of a low-level, non-threatening mob that you vaguely feel sorry for when you kill and pillage its corpse. In Shroud of the Avatar, however, the City Kobolds actually have an advantage in technological development.

The team gave these Kobolds the spotlight in last weekend’s newsletter: “They are much more advanced than anyone else in Novia and the source of almost all of the technology that you see in the game, including clockwork creatures and aether vibration amplifiers. City Kobolds use advanced armor and weaponry including chainswords, electric axes, gas guns, electric blunderbusses, grenades, etc.”

In other news, SotA will be introducing item “patterns” in Release 39 that will allow players to change the appearance of items while retaining the stats associated with (yes, it’s transmog). The team also showed the development of several regions: Upper Fortus, Rhun Ruins, and K’rawl.

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