EVE Online deploys ‘Guardian’s Gala’ patch on Valentine’s day

Not everything on February 14th needs to be all about pink lace and floating hearts. EVE Online, for example, is rolling out a nice meaty patch that won’t involve any love in the air. Unless, of course, you consider blowing up pirate ships for rewards as part of the new Guardian’s Gala event to be “love,” in which case it kind of sneaks in under the radar. But that’s really about how much you love blowing stuff up.

The patch also contains a number of bug fixes, client performance improvements, and added functionality for Upwell structures. (Expect a large number of “what’s Upwell” jokes for the first week or so.) Check out the full patch notes if you’d like to do a bit of reading before the patch goes live.


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Tobasco da Gama

Not much, what’s upwell with you?

Johnathen Roberts

mostly bug fixes and what not.. I was expecting a little more