MU Legend kicks off second CBT while MU Origin opens a PvP server arena


Webzen’s been quite busy building its expanded MU universe up in its bedroom while its mom keeps calling it down to dinner. “Not now, Mom, I’ve got a beta test to roll out!” floats down the stairs.

Indeed, the second closed beta test for MU Online’s sequel, MU Legend, revved up today. The CBT will run from February 21st through the 28th and includes several new localization languages, including French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. Over 200,000 players pre-registered to be part of the first closed beta, and any of those that participate in CBT2 will find that their character data has not been wiped.

Meanwhile, Webzen’s mobile spin-off, MU Origin, is getting busy with its 1.6 update. This patch opens up a PvP server arena, expands the journal, introduces the Guardian Soul, and adds more character progression with Muren’s Book and a specialty system. Check out trailers for both after the break!

Source: Press release
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