H1Z1’s newest $300,000 tournament will be televised


In April, you won’t have to turn to Twitch to see professional teams beat the crap out of each other in H1Z1 — you’ll merely have to turn on the TV.

The next big H1Z1: King of the Kill tournament, Fight for the Crown, will be televised on The CW Network come Thursday, April 20th. Fifteen teams of pro players will engage in a single match in front of a live audience to win part of a $300,000 prize pool. There is no respawning or corpse running here; each player only will have one life to use.

Teams can go ahead and apply to be part of this tournament, although four teams have already been locked in and confirmed as participants. The TV event will actually be the finale of a five-episode docuseries that will air on CW Seed this spring.

Source: Fight for the Crown, press release
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