Darkfall: Rise of Agon launches on May 5

I just... what.

Remember how Darkfall: Rise of Agon’s team mentioned last month that the game was roughly four months away from launch? That seemed kind of crazy. But it turns out that wasn’t hyperbole, as the team has announced an official launch date of May 5th, 2017. That’s a bit under three months away from now… and yes, just about four months away from the initial launch date. You can’t fault the team for lack of punctuality.

While you can play the game right now in early access, an official launch means that the game is ready for the game to be live consistently and with no possibility of further wipes. It’s good news if you’re anticipating the project and had nothing major on your schedule in May… or if you did but are now frantically trying to clear out your schedule just for this. We won’t judge.


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This is going to be epic, cant wait! Everybody is coming back!! About 25 guildies waiting for launch (7 online now)… even though there is going to be a wipe, the beta is pretty fun. The changes to this game were soo necessary, WOW!! So much better! No more macros, broken UI, slow drag and drop looting, new mob bosses and PVE named spawns and system, etc. And for you carebears out there, the penalty for killing other players has gone up… 90% of the game will probably be safezone when it comes out, because most people will not want to be red at first, if ever. There’s now an option for turning off friendly fire in nooby areas as well so you don’t even have to worry about that! Much easier than it used to be… but kept all the best stuff too.

If you don’t pay 19$ for this launch (+ beta access now) you are going to miss out if you enjoy MMORPGs…

Shiro Madoushi

All 12 darkfall players in the world are celebrating.

Doctor Sweers

13, bruh. I can’t wait for my mount and I to get run down by some bunny hopping Terdburgler and his goober gang. But in all seriousness, nix bunny hopping and I’ll come play again.

firstname lastname

Mount speed has increased so bunnyhopping is less useful… theres going to be a LOT more than 13 people “bruh”… look at how many actives are on their forums on their website and realistically there will probably be at LEAST a few dozen people at every starter city when it launches… for a few months we may have sieges that are back into the 100s easily. Its not like anybody is even going to have the capability for bunny hopping when it launches either…. its going to take people awhile to get the skill for it so you would have a few months without seeing it. Thats when its going to be the most populated anyways.