The Repopulation is back up and running

Details, details.

It might not have been everyone’s ideal scenario, but the fact is that The Repopulation has come back under new management — and you can access the game once more. The new owners announced that the sci-fi sandbox is now back up and running for previous players (new ones will have to wait until later this month, when the early access will be made purchasable once more). It is also on Steam.

The studio said that there haven’t been any significant changes to when we last saw the game in action: “It’s important to note that this is still early access, the current server status is identical to how it was before the shut down and it is still in an alpha state. This is to allow all players to play the game again and submit up-to-date bug reports.”

Even if the game hasn’t changed, the website certainly has. The new owners are revamping the site and have already migrated the old forums as part of this. There is also a Discord channel for Repopulation fans to chat with one another.

Source: Newsletter. Thanks HolyAvengerOne!
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