Hearthstone debuts Un’Goro web series starring Community’s Danny Pudi

Hearthstone’s next big expansion is coming in April, but Blizzard doesn’t want to wait to get the festivities going. The studio released the first episode of a short-form web series this week to promote Journey to Un’Goro.

The series stars Danny Pudi, who might be best known as Abed from TV’s Community. Pudi plays Professor George H. Doyle, an explorer who has arrived in Un’Goro in search of extremely rare creatures.

Journey to Un’Goro will add 135 new prehistoric-themed cards to the popular game. Players looking for a deal on a bulk order can prepurchase 50 card packs for $50 (although this is limited to just one purchase per person). Check out the web series below!

Source: YouTube
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CloakingDonkey .

Too bad they felt the need to jack up their prices quite unreasonably for non Americans… no amount of clever marketing is gonna fix that one.

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Interesting. Have Blizzard released any other live-action WoW-based shorts? This is the first such material I’ve seen outside of the actual movie.

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The marketing team continues to be the hardest working team putting out the best quality content from Blizzard.

What a world we live in.