Crowfall reflects on its ‘unrelenting series of updates’


It’s a little hard to believe, but we’ve now been watching Crowfall develop since late 2014, going from a teaser announcement through a successful Kickstarter and arriving at the current pre-alpha testing. For this week’s founder’s update, the dev team decided that it deserved a moment to reflect upon all of its accomplishments and progress to date.

The team pointed to an interactive timeline chart from German fan site Crowfall Community that marked all of the major (and minor) milestones of the project from 2014 through 2017. It’s a pretty handy resource if you want to get a big-picture view of the game’s progress.

ArtCraft provided a pep talk, free of charge: “Obviously, this chart shows how much we have accomplished, and that’s great to see! … but it also shows something MUCH more important: It shows a cadence, an unrelenting series of updates that make the game a little better every month […] If that cadence proves anything, it’s that these challenges will also be tackled in due time. This game will emerge, and when it does, it’s going to be awesome.”

Source: Crowfall

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Backed both. Very happy about progress of both. Having fun already in Crowfall. CU is damn gorgeous. I’ve put less time than I’d like in alpha, but overall CU is the MMO I’m dying for.


They made rather nice progress in the 3 years this game has been in development. I’m not one for kickstarting MMO’s, because it’s the riskiest type of project to invest in, but I guess I’d be happy, so far, had I invested in Crowfall.

odin valhalla

I’ve been able to do a few of the alpha tests. Crowfall and CU were the last two games I will ever prefund again. That said, it looks and feels good considering its alpha. They have some pretty unique ideas in terms of the campaigns and its really piqued my interest in the game overall. I think the progress has been steady and measurable and that’s a good thing.

I still have this nagging feeling of lack of continuity, I suppose that’s to be expected in an alpha but, I don’t know, I trust my instincts and my instincts tell me there is a long way still to go. Happy they are moving forward, from what I have seen so far its got potential.

A Dad Supreme

Crowfall and CU are the only two games I’ve seen where they appear to be taking an ‘old-school’ systematic approach to making a MMO from the ground up, not only in development but in lack of hype.
Plenty of other companies making games now talk incessantly about pre-alphas, alphas, betas and “we need more monies, so buy some more items!” but in reality by the time they are able to be played by someone, it seems like every one of them were rushed and they look as if they are still in the whiteboard stages.
A prime example of this is Eternal Crusade. Ever since they announced, I always got a feeling that they were rushing the game out, not taking enough quality control and trying something akin to flipping a house they got on the cheap to put back on the real estate market.
I get this feeling from the devs and directors of both CU and Crowfall that the games will probably be the most solid MMOs at launch we’ve seen in years.
My pet peeve is that both games are PvP focused with CU having no PvE at all I don’t think, so that really dulls the blade for me personally, but then again if they do a good enough job (which I think they will), it might mean that PvPers will finally have a place to call home and PvE mmos won’t have to try and compete with it by making hybrids anymore.

odin valhalla

On the PVE, I dont think either is going to be able to sustain beyond 3 years (max IMHO) without it. I mean living in an RvRvR world is going to be fun but just about every MMO player I have crossed paths with from time to time wants to do a little RPG/PVE or pop into a dungeon.

What is refreshing with these two titles is they are starting with PVP as the foundation. I mean right away thats the hook for me, as most games are lore /story driven first PVP comes later. We’ll see