Final Fantasy XIV announces Far Edge of Fate album

Final Fantasy XIV announces Far Edge of Fate album
Final Fantasy XIV’s award-winning soundtrack is growing bigger with every patch, and at times it seems as though Square Enix can’t publish albums fast enough to keep up with all of the music. As the game prepares for another expansion’s worth of tunes, the studio is putting out its seventh soundtrack album this June covering the remainder of Heavensward’s score.

Borrowing one of the game’s recent update titles, The Far Edge of Fate original soundtrack contains a whopping 50 tracks that span Patch 3.2 and 3.5 part two. The import album costs $50 and is recorded in 5.1 channel sound on a blu-ray with MP3 tracks included.

As a bonus to those who preorder the soundtrack, Square Enix is giving a spunky Nidhogg minion as an in-game pet.

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The mini isn’t a preorder bonus, it’s included with first-run copies which generally are still available a good long while after release. (I got Before Meteor more than a year after it came out and still got my mini code from it)

I’ll probably get this one eventually. I love collecting the soundtracks from this game and the minis that come with them, but I can’t usually afford them right at launch.

Danny Smith

“on blu ray”

and once again i’ll be buying digital on itunes. Come on SE why do you always blow it with the soundtracks when your company makes the most consistently good music ?

Thank god the Nier OST didn’t have this strange no CD option.


It’s because it’s not just music, it’s video and artwork. It’s more multimedia product than strictly music soundtrack and works in anything that plays Bluray.

It also has an easy to access (particularly if you use an Xbox or PlayStation) MP3 download/copy option so you can have your digital, easy to take with you or burn to a CD option on top of the exclusive other features.

That hardly sounds like “blowing it” to me. There’s a reason it’s a $50 product.