Lord of the Rings Online celebrates 10 years with stream at noon

Lord of the Rings Online is currently in the middle of its 10th anniversary celebrations, only somewhat darkened by the grumbling over the event’s inaccessibility for lowbies. At noon EDT today, the Standing Stone team is plotting an anniversary stream with “gameplay, developer chats, and giveaways” — and hopefully a look into the game’s future.

The stream begins at noon, and you can watch it down below, but in the meantime, take a peek at Massively OP’s LOTRO Legendarium column, in which Justin recapped his ten years in the game, or last night’s episode of the Stream Team, on which MJ took a peek at the festivities.

Source: Press release

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Stream is now working on Twitch fine.


yeah it took them an hour to fix it


Streamer left his computer on at home with the Gollum splash. He had to go home to turn it off so he could stream from the office. Probably 1:00 pm EST


Ok the stream is working on other sources but Twitch is screwed up again.