Using FaceApp on EVE Online avatars is the best thing ever


If you’ve been on literally any social network recently, you’ve probably come across image manipulation app FaceApp. The app takes in any photo of a face and uses a neural-networking approach to automatically re-imagine the face as a different age or gender or adds a photo-realistic smile to an otherwise sullen expression. It wasn’t long before some EVE Online players discovered that the app works just as well on EVE avatars as real life photos.

Signal Cartel member @dorian_reu on twitter has been slapping smiles on loads of EVE players this week, and the results have been brilliant. Happy EVE avatars have been popping up all over EVE Twitter profiles, some of them pretty amazing transformations and others just down-right hilarious. Below are some of the highlights:

Nihilaus Vause before and after the Alliance Tournament
Popular EVE Online streamer Chocolate Rayne
Crossing Zebras’ Mizhir goes from serious business to seriously happy
Chribba, the nicest player in the EVE Online universe, somehow gets nicer
Lore expert Uriel Anteovnuecci goes a little off the creepy end
CCP’s Ned Coker transforms from angry space grandpa to creepy space grandpa
Community Manager CCP Falcon before, during and after Fanfest
CCP’s rendering of the Jove race
Of course, I had to try it out on my own character!
Unfortunately, some characters appear to be incapable of expressing joy
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