RIFT makes good on Prophecy of Ahnket promises

[AL:Rift]A slightly ambiguous Facebook post had some RIFT players worried that the game was finished with its current expansion cycle altogether.

In a discussion about RIFT’s proposed challenge servers, CM Brasse commented that “the final expansion update comes this summer. This includes the remaining Primalist souls for those who bought the calling. We think it’s worth waiting for.”

She later clarified on the forums that this wasn’t saying that RIFT was done with the Prophecy of Ahnket cycle but that the update fulfilled the remainder of formerly announced content for the expansion.

“[Update] 4.2 wraps up all of the previously promised features for Prophecy of Ahnket,” she wrote. “At that point it should all be delivered. HOWEVER, development continues so there is likely to be some content and/or features and/or whatever that have NOT been announced yet for the Comet. I am personally hoping they discover a vast subterranean land populated by my people. That’s DWARVES, not TROGLODYTES.”

Brasse also noted on Facebook that while some players access RIFT via Steam, a “vast majority” are direct PC players.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Clowd!
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