RIFT makes good on Prophecy of Ahnket promises

A slightly ambiguous Facebook post had some RIFT players worried that the game was finished with its current expansion cycle altogether.

In a discussion about RIFT’s proposed challenge servers, CM Brasse commented that “the final expansion update comes this summer. This includes the remaining Primalist souls for those who bought the calling. We think it’s worth waiting for.”

She later clarified on the forums that this wasn’t saying that RIFT was done with the Prophecy of Ahnket cycle but that the update fulfilled the remainder of formerly announced content for the expansion.

“[Update] 4.2 wraps up all of the previously promised features for Prophecy of Ahnket,” she wrote. “At that point it should all be delivered. HOWEVER, development continues so there is likely to be some content and/or features and/or whatever that have NOT been announced yet for the Comet. I am personally hoping they discover a vast subterranean land populated by my people. That’s DWARVES, not TROGLODYTES.”

Brasse also noted on Facebook that while some players access RIFT via Steam, a “vast majority” are direct PC players.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Clowd!

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James Romero

1. LV 50 12 dungeons, LV 60 9 Dungeons, LV 65 7 Dungeons, LV 70 4 Dungeons. Why have so few dungeons each expansion? Why not make all dungeons from classic to now scale for each level. This would keep us from being bored with the 4 dungeons with a 25% chance of getting another one which seems to not have more than 25% chance. To get a dungeon que seems forever, even for someone who ques for everything.

2. Dungeons have problems with people getting mad that you don’t skip the trash by running past them, around them or summoning to the boss. My solution is to have the adds aggro to the boss if not killed. Also the horrible part is people are cheesing the fights to where we skip all the mechanics just stand there and heal through everything. Nobody that cant cheese the fights knows how they really work and so many groups break up. I get kicked all the time because i want to tank the adds. I enjoy like most people do the dungeons.

3. Specs not getting used because there is one spec that people want you to play because they dont do well. And you get austrasized because you want to play something you want but they just boot, kick, or ban you. As is the primalist need a healing spec that you cannot even play. Before you fix the other souls, put out the rest of the primalist spec that was promised the third time.

4. Get rid of guilds. Too many guilds don’t want to merge that have 3-8 people at best that cannot even get a LFR together or a raid. Some of the super guilds that do exist that are few can maybe run a 10 man if lucky or a 20 man. But if you get rid of guilds, it makes people communicate and try to get things going in chat again. chat is dead most of the time.

5. Planar fragments and their RNG is horrible. Nobody wants to use Tier 6 Planar Fragments that have both tank and DPS in them.

6. Get rid of addons use so people cant judge people by their dps or heals. That elitism is what kills people from playing your game. Not having the best spec that someone number crunched that broke the spec to make it do more than normal dps or heals.

Zen Dadaist

“the final expansion update comes this summer.” That is pretty badly worded. Sounds like they’re canning the expansion after it’s released, or even the game! I know that it was later clarified that they meant the promised Expac features would all be complete and in game with 4.2, but still. It looks pretty bad if you don’t go hunting for a clarification!


Their best option would be to abandon the game as it stands and launch legacy servers. It looks like they’re doing the legacy thing and putting effort into doing that right would be better than wasting money on a dead game.


Yay! Only been waiting for them to deliver on their promise since the expansion launched in November. I gave up a few months ago though.

Roger Melly

I’ve been with Rift since the start but this expansion was very weak compared with the others . I got to level 70 but after that I found I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to gear up to play the endgame content (especially after what guildies were saying about it) . I used to like the warfronts as well but there was no new one with this expansion and they got rid of Port Scion and on top of that the daily pvp quests were missing ( rectified since I gather ) . Still have a few friends in the game but a lot also moved onto new pastures because of this expac .


Lol, they seriously just scrapped Port Scion altogether?

Patreon Donor

Yes… at first they disabled most of the warfronts, but after it was clear nobody liked that, they later re-enabled them, but they permanently removed Port Scion and the domination modes.

Tbh I don’t even mind the removal of Port Scion at this point. The warfront was already a shadow of its former self. The mistake they made was keeping the reward for it the same as the other warfronts and trying to reduce its complexity and duration. What they should have done is keep it longer and more complex, the way it was designed to be, and increase the reward.

But what I think is a big mistake is removing Domination: Karthan Ridge. It was one of the best warfronts in the game imo. Balanced in every sense of the word. Most of my greatest PvP moments were there, the kind you still remember years later. Single player actions mattered a lot, it wasn’t just zergfest… unlike normal Karthan Ridge which I’ve always considered to be a bad warfront.


That sucks, but they probably did it because PvP isn’t played heavily in RIFT as-is and the playerbase has probably shrunk down considerably. Though didn’t they also make it so you can’t even choose your battleground now? lol.