Neverwinter’s Jungles of Chult has better daily tasks and more reward options

Rawr and stuff.
On some level, all Neverwinter really needs to do for Jungles of Chult is to remind you how you’ll get to fight dinosaurs. That’s really all the motivation anyone should need. But the campaign actually does include several functional differences, starting with the changes to repeatable tasks which will allow you to complete certain tasks a fixed number of times per week. Instead of being stuck logging in for daily activities, you can choose how much time you have each day and structure your play appropriately.

Players can also look forward to more flexible boon rewards at the lower tiers, unlocking new pieces of armor from the campaign store, and a tracker for weekly currency rewards. You’ll have a fairly low cap on weekly currency to start, but progress through the campaign will increase that limit over time. So if the prospect of fighting dinosaurs alone doesn’t motivate you, better rewards might help sweeten the pot a bit.

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Kane Hart

I was kind of interested in this game but I keep hearing about Pay 2 Win. How bad is it? How is the game overall? What is it comparable and what makes this game unique feature/content wise?


It’s “route you to buy from the shop” game is hard. It also flings lockboxes at you like there is no tomorrow such that your inventory space cries. You could, of course, just drop/delete them. Mind you, this was the case the last time I played a year or two ago. It’s free to try and to be honest I enjoyed playing it. It’s just the route they chose to monetize that is off putting. If they announced a subscription option that gave me access to all things by simply playing the game and “pulling out my wallet” once a month for $15, I’d sign up.

Loyal Patron

Very excited for this update. It makes me hopeful that we’ll get to see more of the Realms than just the northern Sword Coast. Great game, great idea for an expansion!

Sean Drohan

Too bad its pay to win trash…