Crowfall gets ready to begin testing its campaign system


One of Crowfall’s most important systems — if not the crux of the entire game — is its campaign system. This repeatable PvP experience will come in many varieties and feature a beginning, middle, and end. But its first beginning is coming soon… very soon.

ArtCraft announced on Tuesday that it is preparing to commence its first test of the campaign system on the test server. Campaigns have a lot to offer for players, including the fog of war, a cartography skill, a day and night cycle, forts, keeps, and resource points. The sides will play tug-o-war with a conquest slider, resulting in either a win for order, chaos, or balance.

The team took great pains to stress that this is “more test than playtest” and that bugs, performance problems, and a lack of real balance would be present. “When I say First Campaign Test, please don’t read that as our-first-fully-functional-campaign-that-we-can-all-play-and-it-will-be-like-a-released-game! … because it won’t be that,” the team said.

Source: Crowfall

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This is probably one of the first 3 way systems I’m interested in seeing how it turns out because it basically makes the “3rd faction” always end up on the losing side which forces that 2v1 that most developers talk about happening through game mechanics.

That said I think it’s a bit too favorable to balanced side in this equation but we’ll have to see.