Crowfall’s ads and disads system is the best part of character creation


Ah, character creation: the best part of so many MMORPGs. So how’s it working for Crowfall? A new dev blog out this week from ArtCraft explains that the archetype separation announced last spring has necessitated a change from the old system of archetype statues in-game. Now, UX Design Lead Billy Garretsen says, the system is much more like you’d expect from a traditional MMORPG: You’ll pick your race and class from lists and get a default vessel, then choose gender, hair style, face, and head shapes. The best part is the ads and disads system.

“Once the look is settled, it is time to alter the character’s stats and attributes through Advantages and Disadvantages. Every race and class combination will yield a pool of Creation Points that can be spent on Advantages to provide stat benefits in various categories. Alternatively, you can opt to apply Disadvantages that will decrease your stat values but grant you bonus Creation Points that can be applied on further Advantages. For example, Eagle Eye will grant increased accuracy with ranged weapons, while Dim Witted will lower Intellect, but grant points that can be spent to further increase Strength.”

Garretsen also says that the team is “making great progress adapting the old archetypes to use racial runestones and translating the animations and powers over from one body to the others.”

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