Life is Feudal tests economy, battle system during fourth closed beta

Life is Feudal’s MMO version is kicking off a fourth round of closed beta today for those of you lucky enough to snag an invite. Expect to be testing both the economy and the battle system during the two-week event:

“We’re glad to announce that we have just started our 4th testing run of our Closed Beta tests! Along with some bug fixes and improvements, we’re glad to also present to you one of the major features of our MMO – the Trading Post Economy! Everyone can now build a Trade Post that acts as a private, secure storage for all characters on your account and as a point of trade with other players and The Crown.

You must keep in mind that, even though you can browse offers of all Trade Posts in the world, you will have to physically fetch coins and goods between Trade Posts. In order to remove the secure way to fetch goods/coins between Trade Posts, we’ve enabled the setting on the MMO servers, which will force you to drop all your inventory items on the ground before you get moved by a Homecoming Prayer.”

The survival-centric MMO also just put out a new video on its construction system and specifically housing – check it out below!


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Great open world sandbox, very slow without a solid guild but is what a mmorpg is, a social enviroment first of all, something lost in all these themepark post-wow clones.
Not played much the closed beta but the concept behind it is simply amazing, a true wast open world where you can build your settlement everywhere and is full ffa.
I’ll play 100% open beta when the time is ripe.


Have any Massively readers got into the beta test of the MMO? What are some early thoughts and impressions?


there’s some gameplay videos out there on youtube. looks just like LiF Your Own but with a much huger map. imho they need to figure out how to hook horses to carts before they even dream of launching this game.


If you’re ever going to improve your UI, please, please, improve the gathering part first!

I beg you!