Black Desert ups the in-game prices on cash shop items in the auction market

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Players are making more in-game money in Black Desert than they were a year ago. Part of that is just, you know, a year to refine processes; the other part is that new mechanics have been added making it easier to make money. As a result, the supply and demand for cash shop items has gotten a little bit skewed compared to where it started. The developers are addressing this imbalance by increasing the silver prices on cash shop items by 50% across the board.

The change won’t be rolled out until July 19th, so you’ve got a little time to plan any upcoming purchase that might otherwise be affected. Of course, this announcement is in the form of a forum post, so you can see player responses unfolding in real time, and to the surprise of probably no one they’re overwhelmingly negative and filled with accusations about pay-to-win. We leave that determination up to time and our readers.


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Kirk Steadman

Perhaps I will be able to actually snag a pet and outfit now, before the chances of actually catching and winning an auction for either was absolutely abysmal.


Hopefully this will incentivize more people to sell costumes and pets. As it is now, your only chance of getting one is sniping the AH 24/7, pets in particular.

sonikfool .

As has been mentioned already by some, the cash shop items are already priced ridiculously low, so I’m not sure a 50% increase will really have much of an effect. On a related note: I have no idea why folks sell cash shop items on the market, as making silver in game is pretty trivial. I’m glad they do, because I’ve been able to purchase costumes for every one of my characters off the marketplace and avoid the ridiculous cash shop prices. IMO $5 for a digital costume is fine; 30$+ for a digital costume, in a game where the non-cash shop outfits look like bland garbage, is highway robbery.

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I actually think the non cash shop stuff looks better tbh, some of the costumes are just *too much* and while ornate and fancy, start to look silly after staring at them for hours. Whereas the non-cash shop stuff actually looks like it belongs in the world.

Toy Clown

I’m fine with this change. It was much needed. BDO has the most expensive cash shop for fluff, or is right up there at the top of most expensive. Giving players more coin for the outfits means players with the cash to spend are more willing to drop the outfits on the shop, so people who prefer to spend the same money on RL outfits can still dress up their vDolls without breaking the household budget! Hopefully, it also means less camping the stupid market in an auction system that no one seems to get anything on..


Why should it stop the camping? The price is still really low and people do get something from the auction system. I bought several cash shop costumes from it already.

Benjamin Northrup

This is very much needed. There is currently no incentive for people to buy Cash shop items and sell them on the marketplace, because you can earn that money in a few hrs of playing. Heck, I make more than it costs to buy a full costume during the hours I’m at work because of my fishing and workers. Id never buy a costume or value pack to list at current prices.


No complaints here. Even at 36m very cheap to get a costume once you’re established. I’ve bought most of my character’s costumes from other players because there’s no way I was interested in dropping hundreds of dollars in the cash shop for outfits no matter how fabulous I’d look

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Brown Jenkin

Yeah I mean I get why people are upset about this… but everyone knows the prices were stupidly low before… like stupidly absurdly low.

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to the surprise of probably no one they’re overwhelmingly negative

:P I’m sure there is one person out there *you know who you are LOL* who doesn’t find this a bad thing. Always one. :P


It appears that the post has been removed. I guess they meant to announce that next week?


Dang it….was a good read while trying to do a little work. All the crying was, frankly, entertaining. FWIW, like Melissa, I CAN afford to buy my own costumes, I have purchased ones that interest me, I am also relatively wealthy IG – so if it came to it, I could also pay silver for it (however trying to actually win anything is another matter :D) ) This has no effect on my enjoyment of the game.

Moolarurka .

I’ve only been playing this game casually since it came onto steam . It would be nice to have a cool looking outfit but I don’t mind being a bit scruffy . If gives me character .