Hearthstone’s Arthas is going to fight dirty, but there’s a great reward for roflstomping him

Arthas and his really, really, really cold seat areĀ almost here, as Hearthstone will be pushing out its Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion some time in August. Among all of the new cards, the Death Knight hero transformations, and the Lifesteal keyword are several missions that players will enjoy for free for the first time.

Lead Mission Designer Dave Kosak explained that during these missions, players will ascend the Frozen Throne and fight the Lich King himself. Kosak said that the team tried to retain the same “cocky, egotistical, fallen Paladin you love to hate” while giving Arthas the ability to break the fourth wall in his comments.

When players do face off against the Lich King, they’ll find that Arthas doesn’t play fair and uses “alternative rules” to give himself an edge. We’re liking this guy better all the time! If players can beat Arthas with all nine classes, they’ll get a special reward: a young version of Arthas to play as a Paladin hero.

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Source: YouTube

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