Elite: Dangerous is retiring its 32-bit client

You've got to be elite after all.

Despite the name, Elite: Dangerous has never required a particularly elite home computer to run. But it will be getting just a little bit more elite with its next patch, as 2.4 is removing support for the game’s 32-bit client. Players who wish to play the 2.4 test version will need a 64-bit version of the game; according to the official announcement, this change will affect a tiny portion of the game’s overall userbase.

Those players who will be affected will also be directly contacted by the team to make sure that everyone is aware of the change and what can be done to prepare. Odds are low this will affect you, but it’s still worth noting and being ready for. On the bright side, this marks another milestone towards ensuring that the 2038 problem doesn’t hit the world with a fury of a thousand suns, so we can commend Frontier Developments for looking ahead.

Source: Official Site; thanks to CapnLan for the tip!

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The 2038 problem can come up any time now with systems that calculate future amounts of time for any reason or use 32 bit integers enough times over. It’s been coming up already in various forms and systems, though most haven’t been drastic (for *now*) and can be fixed, it’s too bad when they figure out a 330 million dollar probe can no longer be useful or contacted because of a problem related to this.


What that’s outrageous! I’m going to saddle up the horse ride over to the Western Union office and send the dev’s an angry telegram!

Kickstarter Donor

Good, the sooner 32bit is completely gone the better, should have died out ages ago



Melissa McDonald

always a good thing. PCs have been mostly 64 bit for several years now.


yeah first desktop one dropped 14 years ago, makes you wonder why frontier ever bothered having a 32 bit version anyway