Ashes of Creation previews PAX pre-alpha tutorial, plans ‘alpha zero’ for December


If you can’t make the Ashes of Creation demo and panel at this weekend’s PAX West, don’t fret: You can still check out the game’s current state in its new pre-alpha tutorial video, almost 10 minutes of narrated in-game footage, including combat (and it’s looking pretty good, especially for a pre-alpha!). There’s a run-down of the quartet of classes that were previewed earlier this week too.

There’s more. “We are proud to announce that our Alpha Zero will begin December 15th, 2017,” the studio posts excitedly. (I say excitedly because there are two exclamation points.) “This Alpha Zero is only available to registered members on our website through weekly drawings.”

We’ll be at PAX this weekend to check the game out in person; for now, the video’s below.

Source: YouTube. Cheers, Daras!
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