Skyforge takes a first look at the lore and abilities of the Revenant

C'mon baby, don't fear the reaper.
Hello, everyone! Meet your new friend in Skyforge, the Revenant! He brought you death! No, that’s not a bad thing or a threat; these guys think death is super awesome in the lore. You’d think that they would dress up more like happy-go-lucky dorks gleefully dispensing death if that were the case, but you can read through the whole lore dispatch yourself and maybe find out why they’re all trying to look scary. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

For those of you who don’t care about the lore, you’ll be happy to learn a little bit about the class mechanics with a preview of its first ability, Siphon. No, it’s not just a drain; it drains life and drags the target to the Revenant, then ends with a knockdown and a vulnerability debuff. The class will be available on September 19th, with pre-order packs available on September 6th. Then you can happily dispense death to all of your friends, although you might want to explain that you’re being helpful first. It might not be obvious.


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