PAX West 2017: Taking ‘control’ of TERA on console

PAX West 2017: Taking ‘control’ of TERA on console
It’s all about the controller: My En Masse Entertainment PAX West office visit last weekend included a hands-on with TERA on console.

Now, I have played TERA before, and it isn’t a game I have returned to with regularity, though I do still return and dabble. Interestingly enough, after this experience, I learned that things might have been different had I been playing the game on console.

As much as I didn’t really like and wasn’t used to movement (I didn’t get the hang of looking the direction I wanted to), I really enjoyed the combat with the controller during my demo. I discovered actually preferred TERA’s combat on the controller than on the keyboard, so I agree the dev’s words: “It’s TERA’s true action combat that makes it such a great fit for consoles and game pad controls.”

So how could I like combat better when combat requires facing a target and I was having trouble looking the direction I wanted to? Because of a special feature added for console play: If you are in range, you can lock your camera on to the mob by clicking the right joystick when you are targeting the mob. This kept the enemy centered in my view and helped me immensely; I was able to maintain the target while still moving and dodging throughout the fight. If I had been left to swing the camera around in order to fire my Sorcerer’s spells accurately, I would have never hit anything, even that massive dragon! I did have to lock back on a few times when the massive BAM flew up and jumped out of range.

On top of the lock-on feature, having all the controls in such easy reach for my small hands actually benefited me as I used more skills than I often did on keyboard (though I’d need more time to re-learn all the skills and their console commands regardless). These helped make combat feel more fluid to me and combos more intuitive.

If I was surprised to find that I enjoyed TERA more on the console, I can only imagine that console players who have been hoping for the game to reach them will be pretty elated to finally get the game in their hands. Closed beta for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is targeted for the coming months with a simultaneous release on both platforms early next year.

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Jonny Reeves

I was already using controller to play this on PC, did perfectly fine without a lock on, used to come top on occassion in corsairs with 100% controller combat on my sorc, and even cleared MCNM and gave a damn good attempt at HM (we were undergeared in nexus+9’s) back before wonderholm patch etc, on both my sorc and my priest. I really dont think a lock on is necessary, but will certainly make it feel like a console hack and slash if thats what theyre going for. Neverwinter does just fine on the console with only a mild soft lock, not a hard lock.

Kickstarter Donor

Doesnt surprise me that they dumbed down the combat for console, but if they bring that over to PC im going to be extremely pissed.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

With so many games including console/controller support these days, I’m still shocked Secret World Legends did not launch with controller support. Especially with the revamp being seemingly way more controller friendly than the original.

In regards to Tera, I wonder if they will port over the controller UI to PC. So many never do that for some reason.


Quite excited to see this comming to console, as i kinda quit pc gamming ???


Wait…still no Elin gunners? :(

Mr Poolaty

Early next year? :(

Joshua Wells

Yay, then we can enjoy all that gender locked goodness.


At least we got news about it… after so many months of silence i got afraid that it will never release… :)

Mr Poolaty

This is true…