Dark and Light patches its patch, apologizes again to players

Find and replace 'bug' with 'feature'

For its first major content update, Dark and Light’s Mysteries of Blackice Peaks proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. While adding more zones and features to this fantasy sandbox, the update was so buggy that it resulted in a rollback. Ouch.

Now, hopefully the game can move forward instead of in reverse. The team patched up its patch last week, fixing several bugs and making the frost cave a lot more dangerous to traverse. The team tried to smooth over the bumps by saying, “Again we’d like to apologize for failing to push the patch live earlier and causing a lot of confusion and frustration.”

That does leave a “black screen bug” that’s keeping some players from getting into the game, an issue that the developers say that they’ve prioritized for a fix. With all of the problems, fans of the game might need to be reminded that there are some positives here too, such as the sumptuous graphics.

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2Ton Gamer

The game is not bad and has so much potential. I will probably take a break from it for a few months and come back with a private server once it gets some more fixes and content. If they add in more creatures to tame, modding, more boss dungeons and an over-arching boss like Sauron, this game could be very huge.

Duey Bear

Ugh, I keep forgetting that I need to play this… oh that’s right it’s not free. Hopefully they add or have a free to try feature.

2Ton Gamer

It’s a one-time cost of around $30 and it goes on sale down to about $25 and possibly lower with sales coming up in the next few months. Might be a free weekend thing sometime in the future, but not for a while.