Bless Online starts its second closed beta in Japan on October 12

Three-point landing! Sort of.

Let’s take a moment to take stock of Bless Online, shall we? In South Korea, the game is testing its complete rebuild. In North America, the game has abandoned its previous publishing deal and is being self-published here following that testing. And in Japan… the game is moving into its second closed beta, with absolutely no word about any sort of rebuild or associated delay. So it’s a grand time to be a fan of the game living in Japan, then!

The second closed beta will run from October 12th to October 16th, with test registration open through October 10th. This phase of testing is expected to let in 10,000 testers, all of whom will get a special costume for use in-game, if you want your character to wear a hoodie with the game’s logo on it. The important thing, though, is that the title is plowing right along in at least one region with plans for launch.

Source: MMO Culture

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Steven Williams

A self-published North American release of a Korean MMO? Since the company is actually managing its NA release instead of throwing a third-party import publisher the occasional bone, will players’ opinions actually have impact and be heard by the company?


I can’t believe it. An east Asian MMO and the female avatar is actually fully clothed?
Quick, someone got to fix that oversight.

Edit: Ah, of course. Cleavage and ultra short skirts as usual.


Was almost forgot about it… Last time I heard they said that they didnt liked the combat and they were going to rebuild it, but only the combat… Now I read here that game had a complete rebuild? Something like FFXIV ARR?

In any way, I hope it makes its way to the west cause it seems very good, at least the aesthetics :P


In NA, I’ll believe it when I see it.