Paladins opens the Foreman’s Rise map, embraces the spirits of Halloween


Thinking about a trip out to the Old West? Paladins has you covered with its latest map!

Foreman’s Rise features a multilevel battleground on a mesa where a rickety worksite is just begging for strangers with high-powered weapons to come in and make a mess of things.

Hi-Rez’s competitive title has a few more tricks in store with this week’s Open Beta 60 patch. Paladins has added 15 new achievements and a “Harrowing Horrors” quest line, all while embracing the spirit of Halloween with thematically appropriate skins, emotes, weapons, and even a special ghost pirate song for Makoa.

Take a gander at the new map after the jump!

Source: Patch notes

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Their maps are definitely improving. Not that they were ever bad; just a bit bland.