Citadel: Forged With Fire goes on sale, reduces marble building costs


If you’ve been eyeing Citadel: Forged With Fire but have held out so far in the hopes of a good deal, now might be the time to pounce. Through October 16th, the title is 30% off its normal price, reducing the sandbox’s cost to $17.49.

Sale aside, Citadel continues to patch up on a near-weekly basis. This week’s update features a reduction of the cost of marble and ornate building materials, which the team says is a reaction to community pushback over the high cost.

“While our goal with raising the building cost of marble and ornate was to increase the perceived value of the high-tier structures and slow the appearance of massive, server straining mega-structures, we realize now that we may have gone a bit overboard in our approach,” the team admitted.

Sieges received some attention as well, with the team reducing both siege spell damage and structure health between 15 and 20%. Not too exciting? Then stay tuned: Citadel’s first-ever Halloween event kicks off next week!

Source: Patch notes
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Daniel Miller

It is actually a fun game, but to many steam games. I do on it, I like the magic aspect of it, and he building part. But i don’t want my house to be robbed or just vanish over time. So i play other steam games and watch updates.

Robert Mann

Yeah, the work on the game continues, and there are some issues. Still seems fairly fun as a cooperative building game, but the actual PvE and PvP needs some work. PvE is far too easy, PvP is mostly people trying to raid offline bases if they bother because the items are rather easy to gather.

Tuning and more stuff, with the same pace, though… it might turn out well.

Stephen Goyette

It’s not a bad game, just a victim of everyone wants everything now. They’ve had a lot of this is what we think you need, then oops guess not but with quick fix to it. For the most part it’s a glorified building simulator. Nothing is perfect in it, pvp players have gone elsewhere. Pve is stale with lack of challenge. I hope it makes it through all these hurdles because the biggest problem is it’s now lack of players.

Dug From The Earth

Too mixed reviews to buy at even 30% off

roo woods
roo woods

Yeah I had a look and came to the same conclusion