Citadel: Forged With Fire goes on sale, reduces marble building costs


If you’ve been eyeing Citadel: Forged With Fire but have held out so far in the hopes of a good deal, now might be the time to pounce. Through October 16th, the title is 30% off its normal price, reducing the sandbox’s cost to $17.49.

Sale aside, Citadel continues to patch up on a near-weekly basis. This week’s update features a reduction of the cost of marble and ornate building materials, which the team says is a reaction to community pushback over the high cost.

“While our goal with raising the building cost of marble and ornate was to increase the perceived value of the high-tier structures and slow the appearance of massive, server straining mega-structures, we realize now that we may have gone a bit overboard in our approach,” the team admitted.

Sieges received some attention as well, with the team reducing both siege spell damage and structure health between 15 and 20%. Not too exciting? Then stay tuned: Citadel’s first-ever Halloween event kicks off next week!

Source: Patch notes
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